Why is quality important?2019-08-14T16:22:23-05:00

The bar has been set high by specialized lighting design companies. The true cost for outdoor lighting comes into play when a low-quality system fails. When it comes to landscape lighting, price and cost are two different things.

A slightly higher price point gets you quality, a seasoned lighting designer, experienced technicians who will install your lights and maintain them for the years to come. And of course, peace of mind.

A lower quality system leaves you with a lot of costs: the cost of having your system periodically repaired, the cost of having to waste time and money getting someone to fix your system for you, and the likelihood of having to one day replace the entire system all together really adds up.

The lighting system belonging to the client in the above example was only five years old. Yet, it was failing to the point where repairing it would have been like putting band-aids on bullet holes. The cost for outdoor lighting can catch people off guard when they’ve not done their research beforehand. Why invest the money in a low quality system that will likely fail? Well, that’s our question exactly. When it comes right down to it, having your lighting done right to last for the years to come is worth every penny.

Why confidence in a company is important?2019-08-14T16:22:23-05:00

Last year we met with a client who had their landscape contractor install their lights five years prior. When we met, more than half their lighting system wasn’t working.

After calling the contractor who originally installed their system, several times, he finally came out to repair their lighting system. He spent the better part of 8 hours trying to fix their system, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He told them that he wasn’t sure what the issue was but would give someone a call and return later. They never saw him again, and their subsequent calls and voicemails to him all went unanswered.

They hired us to remove their old system and replace it with a new one.

Moral of the story: if you hire someone to install your landscape lighting, you should feel assured that they can confidently service your system if something happens.

What are the warranties?2019-08-14T16:22:23-05:00

Also, learn more about the warranty they offer. If they offer a 3, 5, 10, or even a 15-year warranty, pay attention to quality. It’s easier to slap a warranty on a product than it is to construct something that will last a lifetime.

If they offer a lifetime warranty, great! With that said, make sure you ask exactly what that means. Are all components in the system covered by this warranty? Are only the fixtures covered under this warranty?

In addition, if they offer a lifetime warranty, how do you know they will be there to take care of you when your lighting system experiences its first problem? Good intentions can fall short when the rubber hits the road.

What is the difference of fixture materials?2019-04-02T16:13:27-05:00

Some might suggest using fixtures built from aluminum rather than copper and brass to save money. The problem is that aluminum is really more of a short-term solution. Aluminum fixtures are affordable, but they are the lowest quality out of all the metals used in the construction of landscape lighting fixtures.

Aluminum is simply not designed to last for a long period of time outdoors. Aluminum will corrode. While powder coating will help to seal the aluminum, with time, the paint can fade, chip, and eventually fail. The outdoor environment is unforgiving.

Unlike aluminum, copper and brass are considered non-ferrous metals. This simply means they are not reactive metals: they do not corrode. My favorite example to illustrate this point is the statue of liberty. Built in 1886, the statue of liberty’s exterior is constructed from sheets of pure copper. It’s a true testament to the long-term durability of nonferrous metals. After all, the statue of liberty has been standing for 133 years.

When choosing a company to work with for your landscape lighting, ask what kind of material the fixtures are made from, and how the system will be engineered.

What does professional lighting cost?2019-04-02T16:13:03-05:00

The cost for a custom designed LED landscape lighting system can vary depending on the scope, scale, and complexity of your projects lighting scheme. For a landscape lighting system designed and installed at this level of expertise, you can expect to pay on average between $285 and $345 per LED fixture.

The quality of the design, materials, and engineering of the lighting system will affect the final price. High quality fixtures, equipment, and outdoor rated LED bulbs will be priced higher than lower quality options.

While the cost may be higher for a quality system, the long-term savings are important to consider. Our company removes countless failed lighting systems from people’s homes each year. We’ve seen firsthand the difference between exceptionally built systems and poorly constructed ones. No one wants to pay for an outdoor lighting system twice.

What is landscape lighting?2019-04-02T16:12:23-05:00

Landscape lighting has become one of the most popular outdoor features amongst homeowners. Low voltage outdoor lighting can light walkways, illuminate key features in the landscape like trees, statuary, water features, your outdoor living space and even architectural pieces. In addition to extending the amount of time you can spend outside in the summer, landscape lighting can be a psychological relief in the winter. Coming home to a warmly illuminated home after work can make all the difference when the sun disappears in the dead of winter.

Landscape Illumination is a specialized landscape lighting companies who are dedicated to designing and installing landscape lighting systems. We are an outdoor lighting designer, and not a landscape contractor offering lighting to supplement their income. Outdoor lighting is our only focus.

Why should we install a lighting system?2015-08-19T12:30:21-05:00

Landscape and architectural lighting will increase your home and businesses security, safety and beauty. When we review your home or business during the consultation process, we will identify areas where lighting can enhance your outdoor areas. It is a well known fact that lighting around your home can help deter potential break-ins.

What do we do in the consultation?2015-08-19T12:31:15-05:00

For the consultation process, Landscape Illumination, Inc. will bring fixtures to show you how the lighting will enhance the beauty, safety and security of your home or business.

What do we do after the consultation?2015-08-19T12:31:55-05:00

Landscape Illumination, Inc. will complete a proposal of your professionally designed lighting system and present you with the cost as soon as the consultation is completed.

How do we figure out which fixtures to use?2015-08-19T12:32:34-05:00

Landscape Illumination, Inc. has many fixtures to choose from to create your uniquely designed lighting system. We also know the illumination factor that each fixture provides, and where is the most accurate spot to place. This is what we do. We are professional lighting designers. We will make several suggestions on fixture selection during the initial consultation.

What does the “average” system cost?2015-08-19T12:33:01-05:00

Cost is affected by several things, but mainly style and quantity. Over the last 4 years, Landscape Illumination, Inc. has installed systems ranging from a few hundred dollars to over seventy-five thousand dollars. The average system price for the last three years has been around three thousand dollars. This “average” price represents multiple fixtures and is usually just the front of a home. Keep in mind, that systems can be installed in phases as your budget allows.

What are the warranties on your systems?2015-08-19T12:33:38-05:00

Fixture warranties range from fifteen years to lifetime, depending on the material they are made from and the manufacturer. Transformers carry a lifetime warranty and are made from stainless steel. Landscape Illumination, Inc. warranties for the bulbs for one year, and their installation work for life. With the LED product, the manufacturer warranties the light source for 15 years.

How long will it take to install my system?2015-08-19T12:34:06-05:00

Most systems take between one and three days to install, but every system is different. Time of installation is site dependent.

What is the cost to operate an “average” system?2019-08-14T16:22:23-05:00

Low voltage landscape lighting is extremely efficient to operate. Most of our clients use their systems for four hours a night in the summer, and six hours a night in the winter. Most systems can be operated for less than fifty cents a day or around ninety dollars a year. With LED, the cost is even less to operate.

How long will the bulbs last?2015-08-19T12:37:19-05:00

It is not uncommon for the bulbs in our systems to last eighteen to twenty-four months. However, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that your systems’ bulbs be replaced every year. Landscape Illumination, Inc. will offer a yearly maintenance contract after your system has been installed. With LED, the light source is warranted for 40,000 hours – around 15 years.

Can we add fixtures to our existing system?2015-08-19T12:37:52-05:00

Yes, as long as there is room on the transformer. When Landscape Illumination, Inc. designs a system, we always leave at least 10% on the transformer for future expansion or bulb changes due to plant growth. Also, fixtures can be relocated with ease as the landscape or other activities dictate.

What forms of payment do you accept?2015-08-19T12:38:38-05:00

Landscape Illumination, Inc. accepts: cash, check, VISA, Discover, MASTERCARD, and American Express. In some circumstances, we will offer an extended payment option if necessary.