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Landscape Illumination, Inc.

When you choose to work with Landscape Illumination, Inc., you can be assured of receiving nothing but the absolute finest lighting system available. All of the fixtures are standard with LED (light emitting diode) technology. They are energy efficient and usually offer a minimum of a 15-year warranty on the light source.


Landscape and seasonal lighting is our ONLY business. Not a sideline or an addition to other outdoor services. We have the knowledge of proper fixture placement and light capabilities, which is the most important aspect in the design and installation of professional landscape lighting systems. Our outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces while softer lighting textures create inviting scenes and dramatic shadows.


In 2002, Landscape Illumination, Inc. became the largest installer of outdoor lighting systems in Indiana, lower Michigan, and the south Chicagoland area. In 2003, we became one of the largest lighting companies in the Midwest. In early 2009 Landscape Illumination Inc. was named Kichler Lightings’ 2008 North American Contractor of the Year. This prestigious award is only given to one of the largest outdoor lighting contractors in the Country. In 2012 and 2019, we received the North American Contractor of the Year Award again. We are the only Contractor in North America to have won this award 3 times!!!!


Landscape Illumination, Inc. believes that the ONLY way you get exactly what you want in your outdoor lighting system is with an on-site consultation. We will complete the initial consultation any time you are available to meet. After the consultation, we can put together a lighting plan based on your needs and what works best for your home.

Our Founder

Our company was founded in 2000 by Darrin Selking. Darrin earned a double degree from Purdue University in landscape management/design and turf grass management. He designs, plans and is involved with the installation of all lighting systems. Darrin is certified by the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) CLVT 1844.

No project is too large or too small for our prompt, courteous service. We have installed lighting systems costing from several hundred dollars to over $75,000 dollars. Most clients are surprised at how inexpensive high-quality outdoor lighting systems can be designed and installed. 

From our over 21-years of experience we know that an average “front of home” package usually costs between $4,000 and $7,000 installed. Keep in mind that this “average” price is just that – average. Actual home architecture and landscaping dictate what the true cost will be due to fixture types, placement and quantity.

If you’re interested in increasing the safety, value and beauty of your home, landscape, or business, call or e-mail us today to schedule your free on-site consultation.

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