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Outdoor Lighting Landscape

Outdoor Lighting Landscape: A Homeowner’s Guide

Outdoor lighting landscape is a great way to improve the appearance of your home and property. Not only does it add aesthetic value, but it can also provide security and safety benefits. There are many different types of outdoor lighting available, so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

Before you dive into all of the different types of outdoor lighting, there are a few general guidelines to consider:

If your home is on the larger side and has an open floor plan, effective lighting can provide a sense of privacy and make your yard appear bigger. On the other hand, if your home is smaller and tucked in amongst other homes, lighting can provide a sense of safety by making it easier for your neighbors to see you and vice versa.

Be sure to look at all sides of your home when choosing outdoor lighting: the front, back, sides and roof. For example, if there’s an overhang on the roof that faces another home or driveway, you may want to add a hanging pendant or wall sconce that will be visible from the street.

Backyard Lighting Valparaiso IN
Backyard Lighting Valparaiso IN

The exterior placement of lighting fixtures should also convey something about your home’s style and architecture. For instance, adding a stone feature on the inside of a light fixture can soften its appearance and make it less modern/industrial looking. Also, you should consider the color of the light and whether it complements or conflicts with your home’s architecture.

The front door is an often-overlooked, yet very important element to lighting up your home. Lighting around this area can turn a simple entrance into something grander and add a sense of security at night. Be sure to use arching sconces so the light doesn’t get blocked by people or cars.

Now that you know a few basic guidelines, let’s take a look at some types of outdoor lighting:

Security lights have been used for decades to keep homes safe from unwanted visitors and burglars. Lights should be placed near all access points – front door, back door and garage.

Covered lights like awning, post and wall sconces can be mounted under eaves or overhangs to create a layer of light that can’t be seen from the street. This helps reduce the chance of burglars breaking into your home by disabling security lights.

Solar outdoor lighting is powered by the sun so there’s no need to spend extra money on wiring or batteries. The lamps are typically made of plastic and have a rust-proof finish that makes them great for gardens, but their light output isn’t very bright.

Bollards are tall post lights used to support overhead lighting in parking lots. They also are available in many different finishes so you can choose one that perfectly complements your home’s exterior.

Path lights with LED or halogen bulbs can be installed along walkways to light the way for visitors and homeowners at night. They come in many different styles so you can pick one that fits your home’s overall design.

Hanging lanterns are a perfect choice for porches, decks and other areas where you want to make a statement at night. The lights provide plenty of light and come in many different styles (especially rustic/weathered looking).

Spotlights can be installed under eaves or on the sides of homes and buildings. If there’s an overhang that makes it hard to install regular path lights, spotlights are a perfect alternative.

The best part about outdoor lighting landscape is that there are so many options available to fit your style and budget. You can also install or upgrade your current system at any time throughout the year because it’s easier for you, a family member or friend to do than installing indoor features such as flooring, countertops and cabinets.

If you’re unsure which lighting fixture to choose or how many lights you need, consider consulting a professional for advice. They’ll take into account your home’s style, size and location to help find the best solution for your specific needs.

Don’t forget to install timers so your light fixtures work automatically throughout the night! This is especially important if you plan on going on vacation and don’t want to leave your home in the dark for several days.

With so many options available, you’ll surely find something that matches your style and budget. Plus, outdoor lighting can improve the value of your home and increase safety – which is something everyone can appreciate.

Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Installed
Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Installed

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