Why is quality important?

The bar has been set high by specialized lighting design companies. The true cost for outdoor lighting comes into play when a low-quality system fails. When it comes to landscape lighting, price and cost are two different things.

A slightly higher price point gets you quality, a seasoned lighting designer, experienced technicians who will install your […]

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Why confidence in a company is important?

Last year we met with a client who had their landscape contractor install their lights five years prior. When we met, more than half their lighting system wasn’t working.

After calling the contractor who originally installed their system, several times, he finally came out to repair their lighting system. He spent the better part of 8 […]

Why confidence in a company is important?2019-08-14T16:22:23-05:00

What are the warranties?

Also, learn more about the warranty they offer. If they offer a 3, 5, 10, or even a 15-year warranty, pay attention to quality. It’s easier to slap a warranty on a product than it is to construct something that will last a lifetime.

If they offer a lifetime warranty, great! With that said, make sure […]

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What is the difference of fixture materials?

Some might suggest using fixtures built from aluminum rather than copper and brass to save money. The problem is that aluminum is really more of a short-term solution. Aluminum fixtures are affordable, but they are the lowest quality out of all the metals used in the construction of landscape lighting fixtures.

Aluminum is simply not designed […]

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What does professional lighting cost?

The cost for a custom designed LED landscape lighting system can vary depending on the scope, scale, and complexity of your projects lighting scheme. For a landscape lighting system designed and installed at this level of expertise, you can expect to pay on average between $285 and $345 per LED fixture.

The quality of the design, […]

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What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting has become one of the most popular outdoor features amongst homeowners. Low voltage outdoor lighting can light walkways, illuminate key features in the landscape like trees, statuary, water features, your outdoor living space and even architectural pieces. In addition to extending the amount of time you can spend outside in the summer, landscape […]

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Why should we install a lighting system?

Landscape and architectural lighting will increase your home and businesses security, safety and beauty. When we review your home or business during the consultation process, we will identify areas where lighting can enhance your outdoor areas. It is a well known fact that lighting around your home can help deter potential break-ins.

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What do we do in the consultation?

For the consultation process, Landscape Illumination, Inc. will bring fixtures to show you how the lighting will enhance the beauty, safety and security of your home or business.

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How do we figure out which fixtures to use?

Landscape Illumination, Inc. has many fixtures to choose from to create your uniquely designed lighting system. We also know the illumination factor that each fixture provides, and where is the most accurate spot to place. This is what we do. We are professional lighting designers. We will make several suggestions on fixture selection during the […]

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What does the “average” system cost?

Cost is affected by several things, but mainly style and quantity. Over the last 4 years, Landscape Illumination, Inc. has installed systems ranging from a few hundred dollars to over seventy-five thousand dollars. The average system price for the last three years has been around three thousand dollars. This “average” price represents multiple fixtures and […]

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