Landscape Illumination, Inc. now sells and installs the most advanced pet containment system on the market. The Dog Guard containment system allows pet owners to have the peace of mind knowing their pet is contained with the only system in the world with technology which adjusts according to your dog and will not allow over stimulation. There are no worries of false signals because of the digital back end technology and less than . 05% failure rate due to the highest of industry test standards.

What is Dog Guard?

Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing is a safe, affordable alternative to traditional pet fences, and uses a veterinarian-approved combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronics to safely train your pet where it can and cannot go.

How a Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing System Works

DGDogsAfter your signal wire is buried to define the area(s) of containment (indicated in white to the right), boundary flags are setup within the perimeter of the signal wire. During the early days of training, you walk your leashed dog around the inside perimeter of your pet containment area, and verbal commands are used to train your pet to avoid the boundary flags. After your system is activated, when your pet enters the reminder zone (in yellow) 3 to 6 feet from the signal wire, they receive your choice of an audio signal or a mild correction stimulus, warning that they are approaching the boundary. If they enter the red correction zone, they receive a stronger correction.

A Complete Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing DG9XT, DG5000 or DG Micro System usually includes:

Transmits the radio frequency to and throughout the buried signal/boundary wire. Also controls the depth of the correction zone, (the signal field or distance from the wire before a reminder or correction stimulus is used).
Automatically disconnects the transmitter in case of AC power surges and lightning.
Worn by your pet and used to produce a tone or correction stimulus when they enter the reminder or correction zones (i.e., the signal field).
Used to protect the receiver from damage by your pet.
Carries the signal from the transmitter that defines the areas your pet can and cannot go, but does NOT carry any current of any kind*.
Used during training to help your pet visually recognize where they can and cannot go.
Extra Probes – Probes are nickel plated brass (available in various sizes and shapes) used by your Dog Guard dealer to assemble and configure your receiver for optimum contact and efficiency.
To ensure their reliability and performance, Dog Guard batteries are specially welded together. Unlike our competitors’ multiple cell batteries which run the risk of breaking contact, DG batteries maintain 100% connection. Sign up for our optional Battery Plan, and help insure the safety of your pet while avoiding the chance of receiver problems stemming from battery failure!
1 instructional video and manual covering system installation and pet training.
Consistent assistance from well qualified dealers in your area or from us directly if you DO NOT have a dealer in your area.