The bar has been set high by specialized lighting design companies. The true cost for outdoor lighting comes into play when a low-quality system fails. When it comes to landscape lighting, price and cost are two different things.

A slightly higher price point gets you quality, a seasoned lighting designer, experienced technicians who will install your lights and maintain them for the years to come. And of course, peace of mind.

A lower quality system leaves you with a lot of costs: the cost of having your system periodically repaired, the cost of having to waste time and money getting someone to fix your system for you, and the likelihood of having to one day replace the entire system all together really adds up.

The lighting system belonging to the client in the above example was only five years old. Yet, it was failing to the point where repairing it would have been like putting band-aids on bullet holes. The cost for outdoor lighting can catch people off guard when they’ve not done their research beforehand. Why invest the money in a low quality system that will likely fail? Well, that’s our question exactly. When it comes right down to it, having your lighting done right to last for the years to come is worth every penny.