Some might suggest using fixtures built from aluminum rather than copper and brass to save money. The problem is that aluminum is really more of a short-term solution. Aluminum fixtures are affordable, but they are the lowest quality out of all the metals used in the construction of landscape lighting fixtures.

Aluminum is simply not designed to last for a long period of time outdoors. Aluminum will corrode. While powder coating will help to seal the aluminum, with time, the paint can fade, chip, and eventually fail. The outdoor environment is unforgiving.

Unlike aluminum, copper and brass are considered non-ferrous metals. This simply means they are not reactive metals: they do not corrode. My favorite example to illustrate this point is the statue of liberty. Built in 1886, the statue of liberty’s exterior is constructed from sheets of pure copper. It’s a true testament to the long-term durability of nonferrous metals. After all, the statue of liberty has been standing for 133 years.

When choosing a company to work with for your landscape lighting, ask what kind of material the fixtures are made from, and how the system will be engineered.